Catching up with the Trib: GLSEN bashing

Guest columnist Mary Grabar doesn't like new school curricula that teach kids coping skills.  While opinining about this in the Tribune Review, she just can't resist a full body slam of GLSEN – the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

While most people would consider an activist like Kevin Jennings, who founded the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which encouraged children to engage in homosexual activity (sometimes with adults), a menace, those attending the third annual Conference on Conflict Resolution Education at Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio gave Jennings a warm welcome.

Jennings is the assistant deputy secretary of education in the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools. He's better known, non-ironically, as the “safe schools czar.” He spoke about the Department of Education's pilot program “Successful, Safe and Healthy Students.”

Yes, GLSEN is a menace for helping educate and empower children about tolerance diversity and self esteem.  Whatever.  But why does the Trib insist on publishing drivel that GLSEN encouraged kids to engage in sex with adults?  Hello?  This is the typical wingnut stirring up fear using dreadful accusations that are simply unacceptable.  Why does the Trib publish this awful stuff? Because it drives ad revenue.  Shame.

The Trib also has some Rx information for the Obama Administration which has “alienated” the gay and lesbian population.  That's an understatement.

Pat Robertson blames the Catholic sex-abuse history AND media coverage on the homosexual agenda.

As the Catholic League's Bill Donahue relates, 80 percent of the victims of priestly abuse have been males and “most of the molesters gays.”

And as The Times' Richard Berke blurted to the Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association 10 years ago, often, “three-quarters of the people deciding what's on the front page are not-so-closeted homosexuals.”

Is there perhaps a conflict of interest at The New York Times when covering a traditionalist Catholic pope?

Ah, the Trib.  They actually report well on Pittsburgh LGBT stories, but run the most ridiculous extreme haters in the op/ed section.  But it is good to stay in touch with what the second largest newspaper in the region is printing as “news” regarding our community and reinforce the positive. 


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