Life Goes On: Blog for Equality 2010

I don't think there's much I can add on the “Marriage Protection” amendment that I haven't covered in the past 4+ years. You have the contact information.  We need you to call today. Today is the day.

Sunday, I woke up at 7:30 AM, let out the dogs, put on the coffee and grabbed the newspaper.  We got ready for our day in our very mundane ways … showers, searches for matching socks, feedings of various pets, etc.  We had breakfast. 

We went to the grocery store. Nothing says weekend chore like Giant Eagle on a Sunday afternoon.  We fuss over how to load the groceries and who gets to push the cart.  We haggle over items that aren't on the list.  We have a check-out routine and determine whose turn it is to get the fuelperks.  We lug the groceries to the car and drive home.

Unload. I put things away while she clears space in the fridge. One of us runs the disposal while the other takes the trash outside. Someone tosses in a load of laundry. Litter boxes get scooped.  Laundry is changed. The dog bedding is examined for contraband cat toys. 

Dinner is started.  We chat back and forth.  The Siamese cat changes hands repeatedly to prevent disaster. More laundry.  Final round of trash to the curb. Dinner. Dishes. More animal feedings. 

Oh, we folded towels, too.  And we read the newspaper and watched 60 Minutes. 

Why can't we just have our domestic little life and not be demonized and dehumanized by the Pennsylvania Constitution?  Is that really so much to ask?  

I wonder how many fuelperks it would take to earn civil rights?


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