West Virginia on brink of anti-marriage equality amendment; could PA be next?

Well, I'll Towleroad fill you in …

West Virginia delegates are considering a “drastic” parliamentary move to discharge a bill from committee that would allow debate on a measure to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage:

“Bi-partisan support of the so-called marriage protection amendment includes the majority leader as well as minority leader Tim Armstead, R-Kanawha. He’s one of several delegates becoming frustrated over what he feels are stall tactics to keep the amendment from leaving committee. 'A number of states throughout the country have recognized homosexual marriage and we think we need a safeguard to keep that from happening here and we think the people of West Virginia want that safeguard, so there’s a frustration out there, and we think it should be brought to the House and debated,' said Armstead.”

Here's an interesting tidbit from WV Public Radio:

Bi-partisan support of the so-called marriage protection amendment includes the majority leader as well as minority leader Tim Armstead, R-Kanawha.

Take note of that.  The Democrat leader of the House in West Virginia supports amending discrimination into their constitution. 

Thomas Waters has a thoughtful post about the potential for a similar amendment to make its way to the Senate Floor. 

SB 700  707 has bipartisan support.  Democrats Senator Musto (Carbon, Monroe and Luzerne counties) and Senator Kasunic (Fayette, Washington, Westmoreland and Somerset counties) are co-sponsors of this legislation. 

Is that cool with you?  If Democrats feel safe enough to cosponsor the legislation, more Democrats will safe enough to vote for it.  I bet you know someone in Kasunic's district.  Do you think they could pick up the phone on this snowy day and make a call? Phone calls matter. Let's break it down.

Townships: All
Boroughs: All

Townships: Addison, Allegheny, Black, Brothersvalley, Elk Lick, Fairhope, Greenville, Jefferson, Jenner, Larimer, Lincoln, Lower Turkeyfoot, Middlecreek, Milford, Northampton, Ogle, Paint, Quemahoning, Somerset, Southampton, Stoneycreek, Summit and Upper Turkeyfoot
Boroughs: Addison, Berlin, Boswell, Callimont, Casselman, Confluence, Garrett, Hooversville, Indian Lake, Jennerstown, Meyersdale, New Baltimore, New Centerville, Rockwood, Salisbury, Seven Springs, Shanksville, Somerset, Stoystown, Ursina and Wellersburg;

Boroughs: Allenport, California, Charleroi, Coal Center, Dunlevy, Elco, Roscoe, Speers and Stockdale

You and your family/friends can call his district office at 724-626-1611.  Just tell him that you don't want to amend the Constitution to include discrimination and then mention ANY ISSUE you'd prefer he focus on — jobs, health care, senior services, roads, public transportation, education, etc.  Just give him a reason to put his energy into something else.

Review the list, check it twice, and call your folks in these areas.  I know we have gay folks in Uniontown which is Fayette County.  Let's kick this up a notch.

Discrimination is NOT ACCEPTABLE from Democrat Leadership. This is why the inch-by-inch approach you Onorato supporters keep crowing about is holding us down. We need forward momentum (aka progress) not incremental “tolerance” from our next Governor. 


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  • Thanks for the link to my blog post. The bill is SB 707, and it looks as if it could be moving forward in the PA Senate. Action by anyone who cares about keeping discrimination out of the PA Constitution is needed.

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