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HuffPo has a good piece about Immigration Equality. Have you considered the impact second-class citizenship has on families where one parent faces the possibility of deportation?  Not because they are here illegally or have done anything wrong, but because heterosexual families can use a legal marriage to sponsor their loved one.  A documentary debuts today.  Check out the link for more information. 

A piece from the New York Times runs in today's Post-Gazette about Obama's plan to use executive power to “to soften enforcement of the ban on openly gay men and lesbians serving in the military” along with other issues where Congress refuses to show leadership.

Soften enforcement is some pretty tough lingo, ain't it.  Sheesh.  Enforcing an unjust policy that hurts American defense is not the problem, Mr. President.  We don't want an American military where participants must lie about their identity to serve their country.  It isn't healthy, it is predicated on irrational fear and it is just plain wrong. 

It continues to amaze me how our allied elected officials just don't see that there are issues where they can show leadership — do the right thing one might say — without getting into big scary political fallout over marriage equality.  As long as we see it in the White House, we'll continue to see it locally where providing health insurance to gay people is considered “risky.”

A minister from Tulsa is certainly not in that camp.  He's made a dangerous trip to Uganda to speak out publicly against the legislation which would sentence people to death for being gay.

Lavanhar left Tulsa on Thursday for Kampala, the capital of Uganda. For security reasons, news of his trip was withheld until he made it into the country, and the location of the “Standing On The Side of Love” conference will not be announced until Sunday.

He said he plans to offer encouragement and support to those who oppose the bill.

“There are times when the church colludes with injustice and evil, like in its support of slavery and racial segregation,” he said.

“In those times, people must rise up to save the church as much as society. This is one of those times.

“There are moments in life when we have to take risks to support what we believe to be God's will for humanity, and it is my strong belief that God's will is for people to be free.”

This is precisely why the United States has a moral obligation to give the LGBTQ community full equality across the board.  We should not allow ourselves to be an example to justify “separate but equal” as a slippery slope to “death penalty for gays.”



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