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Some good news from the PA Supreme  Superior Court …

The PG does a thorough job with this story, explaining how the concept of custody rulings continues to evolve around the best interests of the child.  The idea that one type of parent is automatically a better custodial parent because of their identity (mother, white, married, etc) is set aside. 

I also like that the higher court slapped down the lower court judge for clear gender bias in his ruling.


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  • The best interest of the child would be an okay focus, if it recognized that overwhelmingly the best interest of the child is served by having as little change as possible. In other words, whoever has been the primary caretaker should continue in that role. Many women have been hurt who played this role in the life of the child until a divorce/separation and lost custody to the person who used time not caring for the child directly to develop a career and greater earning capacity. The bond formed with the child matters more than an evaluation of an adult as a whole. Otherwise, we could some day have children given to the highest bidder, so to speak, even to those outside the family. Likewise, other adults who have played important roles in the life of the child should be allowed to continue. This is assuming no abusiveness or neglect, but abuse and neglect should be addressed before divorce or separation, not merely as a tactic at that time.

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