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The arrest of a group of Baptists for child trafficking in Haiti illustrates the deep complexities of international child welfare.  I was appalled at the sheer ignorance of these folks … they have done tremendous damage.  So very sad for everyone. 

Saddest is that every resource focused on this trial means fewer going to earthquake survivors. 



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  • Well… ring leader Laura Silsby certainly has some financial problems back home: foreclosure, multiple civil suits, etc.. It's gonna be HARD to convince the public she was in Haiti doing the Lawds work.

  • you and I know damn well what those people were up to.
    they deserve to get the fullest sentencing the law provides. and NO interference by the USA.

  • For the amount of money spent to “save” one orphan by finding an adoptive home in the US, the entire orphanage could be helped … $25,000 would buy a lot of bedding, food, medicine and educational materials. Add in all the money the church will spend trying to defend these people and you have a lot of children who aren't going to be helped because the media glamorizes foreign orphanages.

  • Gay people can't adopt from Haiti, but Christians can steal children from their families to give to deserving infertile families.

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