The Big LGBTQ Planning Meeting

What are you doing on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 7 PM? 

You could be part of planning to make a big ole LGBTQ political whallop during Pride month … remember when Pride was an activist event in and of itself?  Just the act of standing next to other queer identified people in a public venue was incredibly political (ask Uguanda and Nigeria).

If you'd like to see a Pride themed political rallyt which includes your point of view, doesn't it make sense to get involved in the planning so you have the best opportunity to shape the dialogue? 

You are can RSVP here.

Competing agendas will be at the table.  I don't just mean those who apologize/defend Onorato-Ravenstahl and those who don't (ha ha).  I mean those who think marriage is the goal and those who want to shore up hate crimes and those who need to remind us that AIDS is killing our brothers and sisters and underfunded.  The value of working together to organize an event is the ability to shape the event agenda to be as inclusive (and interesting) as possible. 

(I'm going to pass out “name dropping” bingo cards at the door just to keep the meeting interesting! Kidding)

937 Liberty Avenue, 3rd Floor Downtown 7-9 PM. 

Yes, I know you have children, commitments, work schedules, early busses, volleyball, etc.  But this is important.  The County Anti-Discrimination ordinance would not have passed without both a strong coalition of organizers and a strong community response.


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