Snapshot of PA Gov and Sen races and Social Media: Repubs are ahead

Found this on Twitter last night. It is a spreadsheet snapshot of how the candidates in these two races are using Twitter and Facebook AND how effectively they are using it.

Corbett is kicking ass.

He has the second highest number of Tweeps (400) and the second highest number of Facebook fans (1,565).  The leading contends split those categories, so Corbett comes out the winner. 


Progressives, wherefore art thou?  How can the wingnuts be taking over Twitter and Facebook?  Is social media becoming the new AM radio?  Gulp.

(I did a quick peek at the numbers. They have changed in the past 24 hours, but the point is still valid). 

Let's take a closer look at this.

HOEFFEL is updating Twitter and Facebook a few times each week, leaving room for improvement.  These media sources are prime opportunities for Hoeffel to pick up huge numbers of followers with an affinity for the media and the message. He gets points for interactions.  Still, I'm fairly socially connected and I'm not seeing the Hoeffelians work their social media magic for their guy.  <rolls up sleeves>

ONORATO updates Twitter about once a month and Facebook at about the same rate.  Very little interaction with the exception of people pleading with him to pay attention to their nooks of the state.  I'm a little astounded that Onorato is basically ignoring these forms of media.  Even my Dad is on Facebook and he's probably a Republican that Onorato could pick off if he reached out to him with his socially conservative message.  Ah, I wonder if that's the rub …  I'm also perplexed that with all the $$ he seems to be raising, he doesn't have someone focused on social media. 

WAGNER updates twitter at least daily and Facebook almost as often, but has very few followers relative to the other candidates.  There's also quite a bit of comments on his FB wall. So he gets bonus points for using the media, but leaves me wondering if his base is a bit past the social media median age?  Plus, here's a good example of how politics as usual is at play:

I'd personally find it more comfortable if Janice Snyder pledged her personal vote, rather than bringing her office into it.  I don't want the Clerk of Courts in Fayette County to support a candidate.  Maybe its just me?

KNOX is using Twitter several times a week.  He's bungling Facebook. He has a personal page, but his fan page has 19 followers. There's one post.  I can't take someone seriously who does this. 

CORBETT is doing a good job. He is one of the few campaigns connecting FB to Twitter and back which accounts for consistent numbers in both categories.  His tweets are consistent and interesting. His FB features photos, comments and interactions.  Such as this.

You have the links to look up the others. 

So, progressives and the people following Onorato and Wagner … your charge is clear.  The beauty of both Facebook and Twitter is that we the people can do some of the heavy lifting.  We can “share” the Facebook pages with our friends and invite them to become fans.  We can use Twitter's #FollowFriday and plain old shout outs to encourage our Tweeps to follow our candidate. 

We can also drive content.  Post our links and stories on Facebook.  Use the @ function on Twitter to draw people's attention to the candidates Twitter accounts.  Post links from the MSM to both.  There's a lot you, dear reader, can do if you want to make an impact. 

Now if you click to the Senate race, you'll see a different situation.  The old white straight guy, Specter, is the new social media frontrunner.  It isn't even close.

So what accounts for the difference?  Both are statewide races so I don't think we can blame the Philadephia elite progressives for this one. Your thoughts? 



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