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Marriage equality dealt another blow in New Jersey when the NJ Senate votes down the bill. Please, please don't let this issue drive PA in 2010.  Please. 

The Mayor plans to introduce rules which would expand his “zero tolerance” approach to domestic violence to the entire City workforce, not just the police. 

The response in the blogosphere has been tepid and skeptical.  I'm sort of shaking my head.  It is all strange.

The Post-Gazette obituary for a local attorney references his anti-gay beliefs which is … inappropriate, I think?  Or was it important enough to highlight who he was in life?   

In one from February, he took offense at Hollywood stars, who he said used the Academy Awards as a “platform for their far-left political and social agenda.”

“During this year's ceremony, Bill Maher blasphemed God and insulted millions of viewers who worship God by saying that our creator is 'silly,' ” he wrote. “Sean Penn then compounded the insults by stating that the millions of Californians who voted for the gay marriage ban (a ban which has been approved in every state in which it has been voted upon) had brought 'shame' upon their children and grandchildren.

“These instances illustrate how liberals, who love to preach tolerance, actually are themselves among the most intolerant of people, and have no regard for the feelings and sensitivities of those who disagree with them.”

How sad that your exit from this world includes highlights from putting down people.  How also sad that he felt more indignant about Sean Penn's words than the long litany of hate lobbied at the gay community. 

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  • One of the reasons I decided that practicing law was not for me. The law is full of people like this gentleman that use their so-called religion, money and power to look down on other people. Can you imagine being a young gay lawyer in that firm assigned to work with/for this man? It is a sad shame that even in death his obituary has to slam our community. This confirms my beleif that the majority of big law firms are not friends of our community.

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