Endorsement, Schmendorsement

Hmmm ….

My State House Representative Chelsa Wagner and her husband and longtime progressive activist, Khari Mosely, invited me to meet Gubernatorial candidate Jack Wagner this week. 

Meet PA Auditor General Jack Wagner, Candidate for Governor
Friday, January 22  5-7PM
Hosts: Chelsa Wagner & Khari Mosley
– 126 S. Highland Ave, East Liberty

RSVP to chelsaforhouse@gmail.com


Now I think I'm not gonna want to support Wagner who is known to be anti-choice and mum on LGBT issues.  However, I am going to toodle out to the Ava Lounge and find out for myself.  Chelsa's email sums up the argument most people give me in terms of supporting Wagner or Onorato — they can win. 

I cannot say enough good things about my uncle – of course I'm biased – but I could tell you countless stories that are all summed up by Jack's steady political advise to me – to “follow [my] conscience,” “make the right decision” and “if it is for the purpose of good government, don't be afraid to stand up for it.”  Jack's role as a mentor to me throughout my short political career has been invaluable.  Jack has really dedicated his entire career, very simply, to good government.  He is someone who plainly walks the walk.  I know that if you have the opportunity to talk to him, you'll understand why I so passionately believe we need him as our next governor.

The other side of this story is the importance of the Democrats nominating a candidate who can win in the general election.  Tom Corbett, who will almost surely be the Republican nominee, has extremely high name recognition and will be a very tough candidate for the Democrats to beat.  Jack is the ONLY Democratic candidate who will be able to beat Corbett in the general.  You don't have to take my word on that point – the numbers demonstrate it. 

It would be nice if we could at least have until mid-January to court the candidate who we *want* …. I mean the primary is four months away.  I need more details on any gay votes Wagner has cast.  Anyone? 

A fun aside.  Facebook.  I noted a friend (real life and FB) became a fan of a particular candidate so I sent him a little email to see if he was behind anyone in particular.  It was pretty funny that OTHER people actually gave him grief about it.  He just joined a group for God's sake. 

For the record, I am a fan of all the candidate's FB pages so I can monitor their activities.  I suspect others are doing the same.  For what its worth. 

It will be interesting to see where the opinion leaders in the LGBT community fall in terms of endorsements! 


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