The Post-Gazette offers up what I find a disappointing (but better than most) piece on Archbishop Donald Wuerl's handling of the D.C. move to legalize marriage equality. A glaring omission is the lack of voice of a single gay person from Pittsburgh.  Quoting Casey and Doyle was interesting from a national perspective, but what about quoting the Michael Crawford's who went toe to toe with Wuerl during the Pgh discussions?  Not to mention telling the readers who Michael Crawford is (D.C. based blogger and activist who has impressive credentials) which was a puzzling editorial move. 

In my opinion, the Catholic Church is making an overt political power play by threatening to stop accepting public funding for their Catholic Charities work if the funding requires them to recognize same sex marriages.  Public funding accounts for nearly half the CC budget.  It is a calculated move that comes across as a threat.  I don't see the difference.  If the District believes they can fill those contracts with providers willing to play by the rules, why wouldn't they try? 

I read this piece and thought to myself “This was written/edited to be picked up nationally.”

“The first presentation of this in the media was that the mean,
homophobic Catholic archbishop threatens to starve little children
because the city council wants equality for gays, rather than pointing
out that it's the city council that is changing the rules and
threatening these programs.”


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