Weekend Wrap Up

At the Bill Peduto fundraiser, we ran into Kevin Acklin who told us how much fun it was to watch the “Do They Know Its Christmas” video — what a blast from the past. 

What's happening in the blogosphere this weekend?

Pam's House Blend weighs in on Tiger Woods (love the “zipper down brigade” comment), the election of a second openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church and more information on Pam's nomination for an Air America cruise.  She definitely deserves it after years of amazing work on behalf of the LGBT community!

Along with Pegasus, another landmark in LGBT history is closing.  Lambda Rising bookstore in DC is closing after the holidays.  Catch up their impact vis a vis The Bilerico Project.  As the LGBT community moves into a fifth decade of our struggle for civil rights and equality, it is somewhat inevitable that the old must make way for the new.  Still, its appropriate to shed a few tears as we say good-bye to legends in the community. I visited Lambda Rising one time and it was a really cool experience.  Coming out in the late 1990's did not afford me the experiences of our rich early history. 

Turning our eyes locally, Bram has a whole host of stuff on the tuition tax. My thought is just how impressive the students have been in speaking up and taking ownership of this issue.  I hope their universities back them up.  Otherwise, it is complicated mess. 

Something I missed because I've been woefully lax in promoting my sister and brother LGBT bloggers — Jason Cable's take on Joe Hoeffel, a well -written piece on how we truly need to make comprehensive informed decisions on the officials we support. Thomas Waters explores the intrusion of the Catholic Church into the D.C. decision to bring marriage equality to the District. Lindsay has a good point when it comes to the Adam Lambert brouhaha … the kiss that destroyed family values?

Ran into John Carmen @carmanavenue at the Peduto event.  We had a great chat about some interesting topics for podcasting.  Hopefully, we can find constructive ways to collaborate. 

Let me leave on an upbeat note …

So here's another holiday treasure:


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