I know I won't have time to blog tomorrow so here are a few end of weekend thoughts …

Saturday's Handmade Arcade was a really nice event.  Picked up some good gifts for my brother, mother-in-law and work folks.  Ran into a handful of acquaintances, but mostly reveled in the DIY niceness that pervades the event.  As someone who hates crowds, I appreciated the high ceilings to help me keep the jostling and bustling in perspective.  I missed some of the odd ball items we've found in the past — Dolly Parton notebooks, record coasters, fuzze furry little knit pencil tops … but overall, it is a great event for Pittsburgh.  I texted my friend looking for a line of soap to carry in his business and he's already in discussion with their wholesale folks.  Nice.

Today started out on a cool note.  Twitter alerted me to Jim Lokay (KDKA traffic guru) broadcasting from his living room, providing live time traffic coverage using Ustream.  It was the perfect utiliarian social media forum. I was able to get reliable information fed to me in live time by a credible source and learn some of the behind the scenes “how to's” of the info gathering process.  Plus, I didn't have to hear David Johnson comment on wearing his underwear … can't wait to read Frannie's take on that in an upcoming issue of the City Paper.  Lokay was professional and accessible.  Ustream provided a chat feature and he did an impressive job of filtering through the silly comments to pick out the actual questions related to traffic.  Plus, he recognized my user name which guaranteed a shout on this here blog. 

This was an excellent fusion of social media with MSM.  Hopefully, KDKA picks up on the greatness and stops sending David Highfield to stand in the bitter cold to tell us viewers to stay home.  He can now do that from his front porch and then take us into the living room for a cosy chat on frostbite prevention.

Kudos, Jim.  If I ever have a breaking story about my oh-so-exciting life, you will be my go to guy.  Well, if Tony Norman turns me down.

Had a lunchtime brainstorming session with social media gurus on how to bolster the Steel City Stonewall presence and impact using these tools.  It was scintillating and I'm looking forward to helping filter this project.  One thing we discussed is the lack of an organization push to identify and recognize the individuals (like us) who are using these tools to push the “gay agenda” or perhaps more accurately, the LGBTQ agendas.  Not recognize as in awards dinners, but recognize in terms of links and aggregated information. 

For the record, Steel City is on Twitter @StonewallPGH and there's a new hashtag #LGBTpa and #LGBTpgh.  Use it and be part of the good stuff.

Be warned, mommy bloggers, we are coming for you and plan to tap into that amazing parenting energy to join the battle to expand the civil rights of our families.  You have been warned.

I suppose a few links are in order.

Houston, Texas has elected a lesbian mayor.  A mayor who is a lesbian?  Largest city to do so and it is in Texas.  My only source in Texas, a self-identified conservative, thinks she's well qualified.  Go Annise Parker.

Check out the Gay Wiki History which has a focus on men's lives in Philadelphia.

The Trib search feature got broken so no news from that side of the spectrum.

Steel City Stonewall is hosting a holiday open house.  Members can bring folks so I'm inviting YOU to come out and learn how it matters.  Hit me up for an invite.  Seriously, there will be nog and really nice people (like the host) who work so very hard to battle for our civil rights.  Word on the web from the advocates in the no that some major battles are coming up in 2010 … including a possible challenge to second parent adoption.  Come to the party and learn stuff. 

Fundraiser for Pride known as Spark is coming up on Friday. For $50 you get a nice evening and support the event that draws out quite the crowd. 

The GLCC Library is burning up the Facebook.  You rock, library people. Makes me so happy when I get those updates … who said books aren't compatible with social media?  Posh.  I understand plans are underway for the library to archive LGBT social media in general.  We approve and hope you'll include the GSpod and our humble blog among others.  I'm just saying.

In three weeks, hits 4 years of age. I have something special planned to commemorate this occasion.  If I can pull it off, should be fun.  Stay tuned.

Thomas Waters has a great post on which to wrap up.

Nevada: the only state with legalized prostitution (Proverbs 23:27-28), the gambling capital of the United States (Proverbs 13:11), home to the highest divorce rate in the country (Malachi 2:16) draws the moral line at gay marriage (no biblical verse available).

Just saying.

Please, big shout out to lesbian favorite Hoi Polloi for 1) being busy as all get out and 2) sharing coffee goodness with my humble self.  They placed in the top 3 of City Paper “Best of Pittsburgh” for vegetarian restaurant. 

Speaking of the poll, we need to get some LGBT love going, folks.  I'm not sure if they have a best podcast category, but they should.  Plus, we are a pretty universal alternative reference in Mr. Potter's paper so maybe a “LGBT resource” or “LGBT presence” or some such category would be good.  How about “LGBT event”? 

Final, final note. Cutting Edge, take note of Lokay's videocast. 


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