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Found this on the Post-Gazette website:

I'm curious what the pro-gay sentiments were.  Does this mean the borrower was perceived as gay or perceived as gay-friendly?  I'm trying to think what I'd take into my decision-making if someone asked for change for a meter. I doubt I would assess their political beliefs, probably lending $$ to someone sporting an anti-choice button or some such paraphenalia.  What about you?

The Daily Courier (part of the Tribune Review family) has a gay-positive story on a local man's second place finish in Mr. Gay USA contest.  Kudos to Troy Michael Smith for having a great attitude.

He sees the Mr. Gay USA competition as a steppingstone to his ultimate goal — equality. “We're looking for someone to stand up and be the new leader. Start with smaller cities and build to bigger cities. I'm ready for that push. I'm ready for that fight. I'm ready to make that change here. I always look for a challenge.”

Smith wants to start a gay/straight alliance in Connellsville “to say discrimination is wrong, to bring all people together. I am striving for equality and will get that for the LGBT community. I'm ready to take that on.”

I'm torn on this one.  On the one hand, he wants to use his position for good, albeit a naive one. On the other, it is a beauty pageant.  Is it realistic that a swimsuit competition will give rise to the next great gay leader?  Is it realistic to think there will be one leader anyway?  Hmmm.

Bilerico's take on the Top 10 LGBTQ stories of 2009.

I'm not sure I knew there was an openly gay superhero?

Sigh. Charlie Sheen's arrest for domestic violence INCREASED viewership of a rerun of his show. 

A little woman-positive shout out: Sarah Thomas made history as the first woman to officiate a bowl game.

Finally, Maria has a very amusing post on the Ravenstahl Inauguration.  Who says Luke doesn't support women in Pittsburgh?


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  • “I'm trying to think what I'd take into my decision-making if someone asked for change for a meter.”
    If they were expressing political positions on their clothing, it would absolutely affect my interaction.
    If their position was affirming of equal rights for all or some group, I'd be more inclined to give them the money, and probably come out to them and thank them for their position.
    If it were something like supporting taxpayer funding of a new football stadium, even though I likely would not support it, I would probably give them the money and mention I was opposed.
    If it were anti-equal rights, I'd likely tell them I don't give money to bigots and intentionally offend them.
    If specifically anti-gay, I'd come out to them and then ask them if they would accept money from me. I'd do it in a friendly way or an antagonistic manner depending on my mood.
    I was in a Target one-time and standing in line behind a woman buying a microwave oven which required a price check. She was filling out her check to pay and I noticed she was from Little Rock. I asked her what she thought of our new president from Arkansas.
    She said to me, “I can't stand him. He supports those homosexuals.”
    I responded by saying to her, “I happen to be a gay man and would like to hear you say to my face, 'I demand that you pay taxes to support MY government, but I refuse to grant you civil rights.”
    The woman turned pale and was so freaked out that her husband came in from outside the store to ask what was wrong. The poor thing couldn't even speak.
    After she left, the clerk said to me, “I really enjoyed what you just did.”
    Basically, I'm going to do whatever seems like the most fun, constructive, or destructive on the spur of the moment depending on my mood.

  • first to Geoff, you sound alot like me. I do quite the same things. but anyway…
    “Is it realistic that a swimsuit competition will give rise to the next great gay leader?”
    hell ya look at sarah pal…. oops,,never mind.

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