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I just want to say that I'm pretty amazed at the number of people googling/searching for information on Sgt. Eugene Hlavac, as well as how once they arrive at the site, they tend to poke around a bit.  Clearly, people are paying attention to this story and searching for information/opinions — whether they support him, condemn his actions or haven't come to a conclusion. 

I'm basing this on referring keywords that lead people to my site.


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  • I had a run in with Hlavac 3 years ago and reported him to EVERYONE possible. It,s a shame no one pays attention to tax paying citizens.I told them he had a real problem with women and screamed at me like I have never been spoke to in my life, he gave me a ticket when I asked for his badge number. I went to court to fight it and the judge saw it my way ,mostly because it had no merit. I was upset to find he got a promotion after all the phone calls I made to get them to understand this guy had a real problem and should not have a gun.My name is the same as the girl he hit ,When I called the people doing the current investagation they had no intrest in anything I had yo say. Stating he did not even know Lauren at the time of my incident since the child is 3 and it takes 9months to have a baby he had yo be involved with her at that time.Untortunitly I think he will keep his badge because the women I spoke to doing the investagation clearly lied to me.As far as Im concerned this guy should of NEVER neen a cop . Hes nothing nut a abuser!!!!

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