Wrap Up: Bash and Grand Opening

Thursday, I went down to 210 Grant Street for the official Grand Opening of the Gay & Lesbian Community Center's new digs.  The space is fabulous and the event was packed (hundreds and hundreds of people).  I ran into all sorts of folks from the hills and hollers of the region and didn't get home until nearly 10 PM.  It was a lovely evening.

The new GLCC boasts the 5th largest LGBT center library in the nation.  They also have several works that are available only in Europe, including a Warhol book.  I had no time to browse, but it is well-lit, organized and very welcoming.  So you should literally check it out.  The Center has plenty of room for meetings, events and is just lovely.  Adagio Health is providing healthcare services and the Task Force is doing testing.  You must must must make a point to stop in one evening and check it out.  The GLCC should be the heartbeat of the community and that only happens if you connect yourself to it.  BTW, they can use volunteers to staff the front desk and be open during more hours.  If you have some daytime hours free and can catch a bus downtown, what a great way to give back to the community.

Folks, we are two blocks from the City-County Building. That's so symbolic and powerful.  So much potential.  Everyone make a commitment to either visit the GLCC for a service/event/library book or support in some other way.

Last night,  Ledcat and I attended the Lambda Bash at The Priory Grand Hall.  A lovely group of friends accompanied us and we had such a nice time.  Joe Hoeffel, Gubernatorial candidate, stopped by to say hello.  State Representative Dan Frankel was there.  And Dok Harris came by as well (he outbid me on a silent auction item!) and our whole table was thrilled to see him.  I don't think any of these men would be using an illegal tax to balance the City budget but heck … I noticed that no one from the Mayor's team came and I'm not sure anyone from the Advisory Board was there, but I could be wrong about that.  Sad.  No one from the Onorato or Wagner camps attended.  I didn't see anyone from City Council, County Council or the ACDC. No staffers from Doyle, Costa, Altmire, you name it.  You want our votes, but we need your investment.  Sad, sad, sad.  (didn't see any of these folks at the GLCC event either).

The Lambda Foundation supports so many worthwhile causes in the community.  The Bash was an innovative way to try to reach out and connect with younger queer folks. I always feel a bit overwhelmed at these events because I like to really have intense conversations with people and there are so many hello's and so many people to talk with.  I'm more of a one on one person so I get frustrated, but I also just LOVE seeing so many people support important causes.  I couldn't begin to name the people I bumped into but it was great.  The space was decorated very festively for the holidays and made me want to come home to drag out the decorations (Ledcat says not yet).

FYI,the deadline for Lambda's current cycle of grants is December 31, 2009.  If your organization needs funding for something taking place before August, please get your grant in now …. the June funding cycle won't meet your deadline.

Congrats to the GLCC and Lambda for great events to lead us into the holiday season.  Please keep both groups in mind for your holiday giving … a donation to the library for a book loving friend?  a donation to the scholarship fund for a LGBT youth advocate friend?  So many creative ways to spread our (admittedly limited) resources to reinvest in our community!

I'm pooped from all these festivities!  Thank goodness my vacation is coming up. 


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