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Very sad news from Ft. Hood.  The backlash against mental health professionals makes me sad.  When people say things like “I deeply send condolences” while being interviewed on the set of Today, I don't believe them.  I think they deeply want the attention of the moment and care more about the limelight than helping America process a tragedy.  When people say “I deeply send condolences” on the scene or working in the aftermath, I believe them. 

I am grateful that none of my family members are in the military.  I hope it stays that way because this was a brutal, horrific example of the damage the war machine wreaks on the innocent.  If reports that this man recognized his own damage and asked for help were ignored because we gotta send him over, then I'm sure they will be buried.  We'll focus on mental illness and gun control through the distorted lens of the media, but nothing will change. 

Back here in Pittsburgh, the GLCC is ready to unveil their new digs on November, Thursday 19, 2009 at the official grand opening ceremony from 5-9 PM. Food, fun, prizes and free parking Downtown.  What could be a better way to get a little queer vibe on for your Turkey Day festivities? 

The Renaissance City Choir holiday concert is set for December 19.  I must admit that I've never been to a RCC concert.  That usually gets me a lot of looks of disbelief.  I'm just not a choral/choir person and I'm not a fan of concerts in general. Fell asleep at a Bruce Springsteen concert. I admire the institution and I certainly appreciate people pursuing a passion. I think it is just backlash from being exposed to the underbelly of Catholic Church choirs … I prefer to just listen to music at home or in very short bursts.  Am I alone in that?  STILL … this is a wonderful community resource and an annual event to which many people look forward. 

The City Paper covered the Little Donuts debacle.  My coworkers were abuzz about the issue of UrbanSpoon censoring comments, especially targeting the gay community. Generated a discussion on the value of content driven sites.  I was sort of sleepy and annoyed that no one wanted me to autograph their copy of the City Paper, but also happy that so many of them read the print version (hey hey Mr. Potter). 

Speaking of Mr. Potter, a bizarre burghosphere twist is that he of the alt weekly print blog edition has been designated the heir apparent of The Pittsburgh Comet.  He's damn good at it and Steel City Media should recognize a giant vacuum to fill.  (and my horrible use of the snip tool).

We love Slag Heap and not just because we grew up in the looming shadow of the Century III Mall slag heap.  Not we, me.  Well, my brother grew up there, too but doesn't read the blog.  He did get arrested for trying to climb the slah heap, along with Jeff Esper.  Yeah, it was a stupid thing to do. 

But reading Slap Heap is a joy.  Potter's inner Comet comes spiraling out and does give me hope that someone aside from MSM Rich Lord will keep an eye on the status quo of the ZoberStahl administration.  I might even stop referring to the CP as MSM. 

It is just good to feel optimism about SOMETHING. 


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  • I forgot all about the GLCC. Bingo is pretty much what they do now. Delta Foundation passed the GLCC as the community group about 2 Pridefests ago. We have an empty community center that goes somewhere else to hold bingo, a dying gay bar that is a defacto youth group meeting space and a foundation that gives no grants but runs a hell of a party. Welcome to gay Pittsburgh's 21st century identity crisis.
    Whose stupid idea was it to rename a ball after gay bashing?

  • The GLCC is very relevant and has been busy. The partnership with Adaggio Healthcare is innovative and begins to address a critical gap in the delivery of LGBT services to our community. No one has to be pitted against another organization. Delta helped fund the new GLCC as did Lambda. The GLCC and Persad worked with Pegasus on the youth activities. PATF is in the mix there, too.
    I think you mischaracterize the community organizations. We have vibrant, but small organizations working collectively to tackle complicated, systemic issues.
    We also have a very disillusioned, disconnected gay community who aren't voting, donating or volunteering. We can label them as “apathetic” or label the leaderships as “elitist” but at the end of the day we are all seeing our rights ebb and flow until we get our shit together and start pitching in
    I'm tired of hearing leaders bemoan the lack of involvement and I'm equally tired of people criticizing the leaders. Everyone is part of the problem.
    Two pieces of advice. First, we need real grassroots mobilization instead of bar crawls. Bar crawls are a ritual, not a tactic. The Delta Foundation is the only LGBT group that has even begun to effectively use new social media and they are still far, far behind the curve. We are completely outmaneuvered by the wingnuts when it comes to mobilization and not a single organization seems poised to change that any time soon.
    On the flip side, we have to stop allying ourselves with LGBT loathing politicos who don't DO anything. We are locked in the SW PA tradition of voting D regardless of whether it is Dan Frankel or Dan Onorato. Yes, homo, there is a difference. Wake up, for God's sake and realize that if the base doesn't mobilize and emerge as an actual community, there won't be a sexy dance club or domestic partner benefits.
    Get yourself connected with the GLCC to see how you can help. If you can't make time on a Tuesday to go to a Steel City meeting, you are part of the problem.

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