Turkey Week Musings

The Ravenstahls are divorcing (there's no legal status of separation in Pennsylvania).  That's unfortunate.  What's even more unfortunate from my point of view is that the Mayor wants privacy around his marriage, but doesn't extend the same standard to other people's marriage. I wish them privacy and that this is as painless of possible.  I also wish our Mayor learns a lesson about how *I* feel about my marital decisions (not to mention being on the wrong side of the Catholic Church teachings).  Will this painful experience broaden his empathy?

There's a Pittsburgh Gay Book Club!  With a blog!  I knew about Queer Events but this is new to me.  Thanks Google Alerts.

2008 saw an 11% increase in hate crimes based on sexual orientation.  Here's something interesting to consider as Pennsylvania's Senate debates a Hate Crimes Bill …

Brian Levin, director for the Center for the Study of Hate and
Extremism at California State University-San Bernardino, warned that
the national numbers may be misleading because some states — like
California, New Jersey and Ohio — are good at reporting hate crimes,
while others — notably, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Hawaii and Mississippi
— are not.

California and New Jersey, with 1,381 and 744 incidents reported,
respectively, led the list, and Ohio, with 345 reports, placed fifth.
Pennsylvania, which placed 27th in incidents reported among the 50
states and the District of Columbia, posted just 68.

In southwestern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh reported eight cases of
racial incidents, two cases related to religion and one involving
sexual orientation. Authorities in Hopewell and Jefferson Hills and
state police in Butler and Indiana counties each reported one case of
racially motivated hate crimes.

“The quality of the data is so variable and, in some instances, so
bad that it makes trend analysis extraordinarily difficult, if not
impossible,” said Mr. Levin. “Generally, states that have effective
data collection also have effective training and procedures to address
these crimes.”

I'm curious why Pennsylvania is considered a poor reporter.  I have no problem believing that the numbers for our state are low. The hate mongerers who harass the women at the reproductive services clinics are proof positive of how far zealotry can push someone, not to mention the Manchester resident-public school teacher who referred to gay and mentally ill children as “fruits and nuts.” I hope our Senators are looking at this data when they craft the final legislation.

Patricia Sheridan had breakfast with Adam Lambert who was apparently naughty at the AMAs the other night. I have to watch the video, but I'm wondering how a same sex kiss and faux fellatio stack up to the lyrics in the other performances?  That's something to explore.

Quick national round up …

Autumn Sandeen on a potential registry for transmen and transwomen. 

Openly gay man confirmed as US Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa.

Dear God. Wingnuts are trying to get “spiritual healing” covered by the federal health reform legislation while women's health care and LGBT health care are NOT included. 

Christians are throwing a temper tantrum (h/t Pam's House Blend) vis a vis the Manhattan Declaration.  Tony Perkins, Daddy Jim Dobson and Archbishop Peter Akinola.  Need I say more? The fringe is on the move, friends, so pay attention. 

Well, I must hit the pavement.


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