The Business of the Weekend

My head is spinning and I suspect I might be either ill or just overwhelmed.

Podcamp Pittsburgh 4 wrapped up this afternoon.  I learned a lot and met some really nice people.  Definitely plan to be there next year.  The session on advertising was great, but too short.  The session on dressing well for videobroadcasting was very practical.  Lots of good stuff.  The sponsors donated tote bags to our agency project, but our communication lines got a little kerflewwey at the end and I had to leave for our broadcast.  That was disappointing.  However, the intention was good and much appreciated.  There's just never enough hours to get everything done.

The sessions may be available for the public so I'll point you in that direction. 

Plus, hey, I won a Flip Cam which was very cool.  So excited! 

The National March for Equality is receiving successful reviews, drawing around 150,000 attendees.  Some are calling it a rallying call for the nation.  Hit the hastag #NEM for details.  I'll post more when the stories sort themselves out. Laura attended some of the earlier marches and has great stories.

President Obama addresses the Human Rights Commission dinner on Saturday.  His words are compellling, but his timetable is nonexistent.  Some appreciate the rhetoric while others bemoan the answer to “when?”  The text of his address is here. Frankly, I need to ponder this a bit before I can offer thoughtful critique. 

Our guest on Sister Shout was La'Tasha Mayes of New Voices Pittsburgh.  She's amazing and gave me a lot of think about in terms of effecting systemic changes.  Again, I'm just too tired to do justice to the interview but check out the podcast on for your own take.  I need to do some more research and really rethink some of my safe conversations.

The Lambda Bash is coming up on November 21, 2009.  If you feel torn over which event to support, this may be your solution because your one evening can support dozens of local groups and projects.  The Ball has been shaken up and we are pleased to be the official blog sponsor.  We are also pleased to have helped secure a really cool auction item.  I think we'll unveil the Flip Cam and get some personal shots that night.  Plus, isn't Thanksgiving more bearable with a great party under your belt?  A great party that Tom Sokoloski is planning?  I mean really …


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