The Bigot Stands Alone; “More men will be abused” warns colleague

Poor Darryl Metcalfe. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, the PA Representative from Cranberry has

received “lewd, vile and vulgar” e-mails and letters opposing his position. As a Christian, Metcalfe told colleagues, he still believes homosexuality is a “sinful lifestyle.”

One of his critics, according to Metcalfe, said he was “hoping I will meet my creator very soon.” Metcalfe said later that he didn't take it as a death threat. “It was more like a hopeful verbalization of their anger,” he said.

Having been wished my own death here on by the angry cupcake people, I can empathize with the positive spin. Let me go on the record as saying that hoping someone with meet their creator very soon is unwarranted and out of line and wrong. Period.

However, it is completely ridiculous that the Trib ramps up the lewd homos/feminists v the family values crowd on this issue.  That's so not the point and this is one of the most ridiculous pieces they've published in a long time.  Or at least one of the most ridiculous that I've read.

The measure in question passed the House on Wednesday and has proclaimed October Domestic Violence Awareneness Month.  The original vote was blocked by Metcalfe who feared the underlying homosexual agenda of language that acknowledged men are, in fact, victims of domestic violence.  He thinks this is simply not the case and does a dissservice to women.  Technically, he seems to think only a few men are victims and don't deserve equal protection or acknowledgement? I think.  It is so weird, I don't get really get it.

The language shifts the focus away from abused women and female rape victims, Metcalfe said.

“It does a great disservice to women,” Metcalfe said.

Metcalfe asked colleagues when was the last time they read about a man fleeing with his kids, in the middle of the night, in fear for his life.

Hey, the good news — seems like Metcalfe still reads news papers!

Anyway, some of his colleagues are calling him out.

Rep. Babette Josephs, D-Philadelphia, said she believes one of the reasons people don't read much about it is that men who are victims of domestic violence or rape “are ashamed to go for help.”

“The gentleman from Butler has made this problem even worse and more men may be abused, even killed in their homes,” Josephs said.

Others are being forced to make ridiculous clarification.

Rep. John Siproth, D-Monroe County, the resolution's sponsor, has said neither he nor domestic violence groups have a homosexual agenda.

Notice that they sidestep the trap of saying this measure won't protect men in same sex relationships who are being battered or abused.  Well, it is just a proclamation, but every bit of awareness helps all victims and survivors. 

For the record, I think Metcalfe deserves every piece of lewd, vile and vulgar email he receives (except the life threatening). He's so thoroughly entrenched in the la la land of white wedding world that no reasonable discussion about LGBTQ people will get through.  He's need to be dislodged and sent to some insurance company or lobbying firm. So the email won't work. 

SO … if you are outraged, here's my suggestion.  Help unseat Allegheny County Councilman Matt Drozd who is being challenged by a strong gay ally, Tom Michalow. Flex the homo muscle near the Metcalfe region and then we can potentially line up behind a Metcalfe challenger. 

If you find Metcalfe's comments about homosexuals appalling, send $5.00 (yes, five dollars) to Michalow's campaign.  Then send $5.00 to your nearest domestic violence agency.  Give up lunch out this weekend and strike a blow for the homosexual agenda! 


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