For Crying Out Loud … There’s no plans for a Kiss In!

Wow.  The Little Donuts/Razete corner of the world are completing wigging out about the possibility of lesbians kissing in front of their store. They act like we are recruiting the members of POG to join us in a non-state sanctioned act of political dissent involving masks and Burt's Bees chapstick.  Oh, the masks probably would not work with the whole kissing thing, right?

Anyway, there's no kiss in.  It was a joke intended to convey irony and dismay that a bigot wants our money, but thinks we are immoral.  Oh, yes he did say that on October 1, 2009.  Go here to see for yourself.

Just in case that goes down within moments …here's a snip … comment at the bottom …

I would have let this go until I saw that he is actively recruiting people to offset the comments (which violates the Urban Spoon terms of service).  I also see that he labeled us an “immoral minority” as recently as October 1, while at the SAME TIME he is telling gay people visiting his store that he has a gay cousin and he simply disagrees with us but welcomes us as customers.

Which is it, Ron?  

If you hit his FB page while it is still active or read comments on a previous post, you will see that the “kiss in” keeps coming up as this horrid possibility that would probably destroy at least 7 heterosexual marriages and recruit 4 kids to the homo side.  Something like that.  They are being utterly ridiculous.  Someone posted that he should sue.  Sue the LGBT community because we have opinions?  Or because we exist?  Because we kiss?  What?  Who is he going to name in that lawsuit?  Good grief. 

They are also threatening media coverage. I beat 'em to the punch on that one and went to the media myself.  Hell, I am the new social media and found out some MSM folks (sorry, Chris) are following the story BEFORE I went to them. 

This is theater of the absurd. I am convinced they are freaking out about the potential of lesbians kissing on their doorsteps.  Not the loss of our economic might.  Not the revelation of the bigotry.  Not the persecution of the poor, poor Christian wingnuts. 

The power of the kiss to undo society.  Wow. 



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