Crap and then there was Podcamp

Today sucked.  Work was exhausting and I ended the day without completing the majority of it.  I had to play the boss card which is always lacking in funness.  Then I drove 2 hours in the rain on dark roads only to give up and go home so my dinner was a bag of chips. 

Tomorrow is Podcamp Pittsburgh.  It is the fourth year and I'm planning to learn some stuff.  I'm even a VIP sponsor which means I get some cool stuff.  Not sure what. 

I do know what I'd like to learn … the whole podcasting thing.  We are very fortunate to have launched SisterShout with a great producer (David) who has taught us quite a bit.  But there's a lot of refine and I'm excited to meet other local podcasters. 

So i'm thinking about Podcasting 101, Grassroots Podcasting (even though SS is clearly commercially backed), Adding Humor to your Podcast, the Anarchists session, and then dinner with Ledcat.  Sunday I might do social networking for job seekers because people are constantly asking for help finding jobs (I love my job), podcastin 201, Understanding social media Ads (YES! I REALLY WANT TO UNDERSTAND THIS) and then branding followed by citizen journalism. 

Huh.  I'm glad I'm having a long weekend next weekend because I think I'll be tired by the end of Sunday.  So here's hoping the coffee is strong, the lunches are tasty and I have enough business cards (thanks Crystal and Harry). 

Oh, there's a meet and greet at 8 PM with Joe Hoeffel who is running for Governor.  You know … someone who believes in free speech and doesn't mock protestors.  8 PM Omni hotel bar.  Everyone welcome which is very gracious of Mr. Hoeffel. 

It will be very interesting to see if the gay cards align themselves close to the current Luke/everyone else configuration.  I think the Wagner factor might mix things up a bit, but I'm hoping for a Rudiak redux allowing the progressive to emerge unscathed. 

The ickiness of the night is magnified by the excessive number of sirens careening through the Northside tonight, the concern that Deus aka Doug is having health issues and me wondering where I put the business cards …




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  • If you are not in DC Sunday hit the PFLAG Pittsburgh meeting at 2 PM at Third Pres. Church in Shadyside. Small groups followed by a presentation by Mitch Lieb and Greg Morgan at 4PM about the 24th Annual Pittsburgh International Film Festival goings on.

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