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Good morning!  Just a quick note to let you know that I've turned on comment moderation for awhile. The pro-donut shop folks are getting a little over the top harassing me, to the point that I've had a casual chat with a lawyer.  They've had plenty of opportunity to make their points and can continue to do so as long as they move a little bit more back on topic.  Same goes for others, but the anti comments have dropped off in the past 12 hours.

I do want to say one thing further.  Yes, sometimes I enforce my getting the last word.  This is not a public space; it belongs to me.  I enjoy the dialogue and believe that some folks have a good reason to post anonymously.  However, 32 comments on the same post is way out of proportion to our usual dialogue and it is simply time to move on unless new news breaks in the story.  You are welcome to start your own blog if the decision to moderate comments doesn't sit well with your interest in opining on LGBTQ issues. 

This won't be forever.  I encourage those who have been harassing me to move on as well. Please don't email me unless you can do so in a civil manner.  There's very little actual anonymity on the Internet. I bring that up to say that you should think twice about the comments. The threats to sue me?  That's your decision.  The threats and harassment. Still, your decision but think twice about the illusion of anonymity folks. 

That's all for this morning.  We'll hopefully have good news on the state budget soon as well as some discussion on the March for Equality, Podcamp Pittsburgh and the Mayor's Advisory Committee (not good news there).  I just don't have time to do it now.

Great day to all of you folks.



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