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I downloaed IE 8.0 and highly suggest you do NOT do the same.  Arrrgggg.  I cannot cut and paste.  How is a blogger supposed to maintain without cut and pasteability? 

The intensity of this week is off the charts.  Ledcat is imposing a mandatory stay home and watch television rule tonight to slow things down a bit, but I suspect Halloween episodes of Ghost Whisperer and Medium aren't going to be soothing.  LOL. 

My former supervisor is leaving his job.  I contemplate the question of whether I would return for about 30 seconds and laugh.  I may be exhausted and overwhelmed that I'll let someone down, but there are so many bright spots to lighten the intense moments … someone gave me a Christmas card today and there's something really timely about the message of “Peace to You” that seems appropriate for this Halloween. I need some peace. 

I read online that The Advocate is being gutted and may cease as an independent publication.  Great.  I'm sending my subscription $$ as a donation to Bitch. 

Sunday's SisterShout promises to be interesting.  Are you a fan of the amusing graphic on 2 Political Junkies?  Their very own graphic designer Maria will be giving away a poster size version of your favorite graphic, with autograph, to one of our lucky Facebook/Twitter fans and followers.  Next week, two tickets to the Lambda Bash dance portion will be up for grabs.  The good stuff keeps coming from Lesbian Central. 

Ah well … I gotta try to figure out this cut-n-paste thing. 


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