What a Week! Oh, is it Tuesday?

Oh, the drama.  Everywhere.  Helicopters buzzing in the skies.  Mysterious white cargo vans with big blue letters cruising the streets.  Police takeovers of coffee houses.  Soup kitchens being chased all over town.  Pit bulls!  Gay men.  Churches.  Table ladies. 

My, oh my.  I can't begin to keep up. 

Check with Bram for coverage of the actual G-20.

Check my FB page for the fastest postings on G-20 protest ridiculousness.

Our plans for the week?  Ledcat has to clock another 12 hour day tomorrow thanks to Luke's folly.  I'm working from home which is also ridiculous and a pain in the ass.  I am planning to enjoy some midweek pancakes at Hoi Polloi, stop by to lend my support Seeds of Peace, and maybe take a walk up to the rally at East Park on Friday.  Maybe. 

I did stock up on pumpkin cookies. 

Can't wait for the weekend.  I'm hoping to do some door knocking for Tom Michalow.  Ledcat might attend an Equality Summit in Harrisburg.  Definitely a movie (our new favorite weekend date).  Sunday could be a trip to the in-laws to pick up stuff. 

Can't wait for vacation.


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  • Wow, and with all the other options in town. Check with ME?
    Well, tomorrow that might be good advice, because I'll hopefully have written up a peace on the P-G's forum at the August Wilson Center. I'll be making fun of them A LOT, but as you'll see it was also a valuable and appreciated opportunity.

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