Tonight, my heart is heavy as I prepare to say good-bye to Guiding Light and wonder if there will be closure for Jeffrey and Reva?  And if I'll find a television for my 10 AM lunch break.  Sigh.

We caught the quarterly LGBT Film Festival film tonight at the Southside Works. It was a lesbian pregnancy comedy.  Cute, nice, but predictable.  But its so nice to have LGBT themed movies and if we want more creative, high brow stuff … we gotta turn out to support the best of what IS available.  I was disappointed at the attendance.  Ironically, I think it is the very increasing number of queers with kids that lower the turnout … school night after all. 

The down side of the evening was dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  I had only been once before and stood in line for 2 hours for a so-so meal.  This was much worse.  No line, but a blah meal.  Service was good, but I won't go back on a bet.  I thought I was being snobbish to think CH is for pretentious yuppies, but I was right.  Ick.  The Cheesecake Factory sucks. 

Busy week coming up …. Sunday afternoon is a LGBT Tom Michalow for County Council event at Monte Cello's. Tuesday evening is a LGBT fundraiser for Dok Harris at 5801.

And Sunday night is a Kevin Acklin for Mayor exclusive interview on SisterShOUT where we'll put him to a Lesbian IQ test.  In honor the G-20, Ledcat will review a few modern protest songs.  Tune in @ 7 PM.

There is a ton of creative, engaging, thought-provoking forms of dissent and protest taking place this week.  It is very easy to get caught up in the hysteria sewn by headline frenzied media outlets, but try to read between the lines. 

And hope for the best for Reva and Jeffrey.


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