Pittsburgh based VODcast debuts on OUTonline Sunday 9/6/2009

Its all the buzz at Lesbian Central — Ledcat and I are launching a VODcast (videocast) this coming weekend in partnership with OUTonline and GayLife TV.

It is called “sister shOUT!” and will be a mix of queer women's news, album and social media reviews, updates on events and activities as well as a whole slew of fabulous guests from the local and regional queer community. 

For those of you who complain that OUT doesn't do enough to connect with lesbians, this is your chance to see them turn that on its head.  If you have suggestions for discussion topics, guests, news tips or any feedback at all … hit us up either through OUT Connect or via email.  It should be quite an experiment.

Our first guest will be Pittsburgh's own social media maven, Ehrrin Keenan, founder of the hugely popular Queer Event Listings which is the region's largest LGBTQ email group.  She's also founded a monthly social dinner network called Queers:  Their What's for Dinner and a popular Queer Book Club.  Ehrrin proves that you can use ingenuity and a desire to connect people to make an impact. What better way to launch a new social media show than an interesting chat with someone who has used new social media to make a difference for all of us. 

So, what do you think?  Will you give this new program a chance?  Can it work? 

ps:  I'm also excited to announce that Lesbian Central has brought on board a new member of our team, Chief of Staff Yarone Zober.  Yarone was the lucky 1,000th friend of mine on Facebook so he was thrilled to join Lesbian Central as we leap into VODcasting. 


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  • I'm skeptical, but I'll listen just to get to see the mysterious Ledcat. If you and Erin Keenan think this is worth doing, I guess it can't hurt. Smart move to invite her.

  • I like Sister Shout for a show title. How do I find this? I went to the Out page and didn't see any reference. I really hope this isn't some bait and switch to get us to watch crotch shots and the glorification of Club Pittsburgh.
    Why don't you tell us what prompted Out to do this?

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