People getting hitched in Vermont; my take on PG+

Always glad when the PG picks up gay-positive news.

Homos are now legally getting married in Vermont.  Reports that 18 Christo-bigots swooned and rumors that 11 marriages have been irreparably damaged after witnessing married gay people kissing.  Registries are booming.  Good stuff.  Hello economic gain. 

Pam's Lurleen has the story, too.


Two days of PG+ and no LGBT content yet.  Some portions of the site are inaccesible so I could be missing an incredible Scott Mervis filing, to be fair. 

I know there's a lot of in-depth analysis of the future of print journalism and the value of a “plus” edition with the major journalism living on the free site.

I love the Post-Gazette.  I run for it every morning after feeding the dogs and starting the coffee.  I am so excited to tear into it, that I shove the green bag in whatever niche is handy (to Ledcat's everlasting annoyance) and dive in.  While I admit, I am looking for gay news coverage (and the A HA! moment when some bigot bashes us in print), I just revel in a newspaper.  I like the predictable structure.  I like finding something interesting in the business section and when I'm particularly lazy, I'll read sports and gardening.  Not often, but still.

The PG is in my blood.  My great-grandfather, Gil Remley, was the Executive Sports Editor for the PG and a reporter for the Sun and the Press before that.  The sports thing skipped over me, but my father insists that my blogging (and now vlogging) is the modern incarnation of Da.  The whole legacy thing is why I should write a guest blog for the PG along with a rotating list of other local established bloggers who can contribute occasional unique content that we will never see from the PG professional reporters. 

Plus, the contributors are a little heavy on the white middle age heterosexual guys.  I'm just saying.  When I think hip multimedia, I don't think Reg Henry debating Jack Kelly.  I think Khari Mosely debating Jack Kelly.  I think Reg Henry and Paradise Gray having a chat about protesting.  I think Mackenzie Carpenter talking with Fran Monaghan about the challenges of carving out a career in journalism, on and off line,  as a woman and a parent – especially when the mighty mights threaten to sue you.  I think reader submitted album reviews.  I think guest editorials/commentary submitted by leaders who don't get a lot of column space.  I think video of a group chat with the incoming City and County Councilpersons with an articulate person under the age of 40 would be intriguing (I'm 38 — just sayin). 

There's potential and I hope the PG decision makers will break free from the old paradigm to save the old paradigm.  I'll fork over the $36, log on each day and try to leave a comment as a way to say hello, but I am NOT watching Reg Henry debate Jack Kelly …. David DeAngelo has that covered, PG, and has been doing it really well for years on a weekly basis.  Now if you have David interview Jack Kelly, I might tune in. 

I really, really want this to succeed and I'm afraid it will become the “playground” others have described where reporters toss away their journalistic integrity to garner favor with the blog readers. 

Shake up the contributors to reflect the readership.  Make me want to click in as eagerly as I rip open the green bag each morning.  I want to be a believer. 

And, yeah, I'm big enough to admit that I want to pick up Da's mantle and contribute to the Post-Gazette. 


We are looking for “sister” songs for the new vlog/vodcast/whatever we'll launch Sunday night on  The show is called “Sister ShOUT” so you can see what I'm aiming to do.   Let me know if you have any suggestions.  My new favorite downer song is Sister Morphine by Marianne Faithful.  I'll work it in somehow thanks to Ledcat's musical genius. 




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