Thomas Merton Center convences emergency meeting for G-20 dissenters

Received this via email:

TMC logoThomas Merton Center
August 17, 2009
Emergency Civil Liberties Meeting
 – Be There!!!

We tried to keep our G20 protests peaceful. 
We applied for permits to create a framework  for the many  protesters from other areas to fit in peacefully and avoid chaos.
Our permits were denied. Does that force us to act without a permit?  Where do we go from here? 
We have freedom of speech and won't give that up. 
Once our rights are taken, we will never get them back.

Organizers of several planned actions are calling a meeting
Tuesday, August 18, 7pm
at the
 East Liberty Presbyterian Church
116 N. Highland @ Penn Avenue
Room 244, 2nd Floor

to discuss and decide on a unified plan. 
(The room does have air conditioning.)

Please spread the word and send out to your e mail lists. 

Our first amendment rights are in jeopardy!!
Thanks, and see you there.
Francine Porter

According to KDKA's 4 PM broadcast, the City plans to house 1800 police officers in Point Park (not to worry — they are using air conditioned tents — go Green Pittsburgh) so there just plum ain't room for any civil liberties to squeeze in there.  Well, I paraphrased. In the same report, State Senator Jim Ferlo indicated he is meeting with civil rights attornies, including the ACLU, to discuss his options and might be in federal court by Friday. 

It is the responsibility of the City to figure this out.  Sure, they need to house the police officers, but they also need to ensure that the civil liberties of City residents are not trampled. This is the hard work of governing that Luke Ravenstahl avoids at all cost (like leveraging public money for the benefit of the public).  Get the brain trust out and figure it out, folks. Stop the hysteria and lead the City effectively.  Take responsibility for your actions instead of screeching about the possible actions of other people.



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