The Warhol Party: lanyard envy and tote bags

You know I've been helping with this little shindig at the Warhol, known as the “Unofficial” Official After Party for NetRoots which I in turn dubbed the “Gay Immaculate Reception” when I learned Mr. Franco Harris was planning to attend.

The party began at 9:30.  We arrived about 9:45 and the place was holdin 150 or so folks.  I was asked to drive someone back over to the Convention Center who was able to get the “Voice of God” to announce that the party was extended to 1 AM at the end of the Clinton speech.  By the time I was parked back at the Warhol and had reclaimed my drink from Ledcat, the hordes descended.  Orange lanyards could have stretched for miles as hundreds of people showed up over the ensuing few hours.  They estimated 650-700 people (or 18,000) showed up. 

It was packed. You couldn't move.  I had lanyard envy.  I also learned that I am even more horrible with the name/face recognition skill that I previously believed.  Michelangelo Signorile was introduced to me and I acted like a doofus welcoming him Pittsburgh as if I had no clue who he was.  I also ran up to Pam Spaulding and asked her if she got my tweet as if my tweet would stand out to her.  She was very gracious.  I can only chalk it up to post-visitation/hours with my extended family stress. 

Do you have intrafamily politics about funeral flowers?  I mean is that normal? 

Anyway, I had a great time at the party.  Ledcat hung out with Miranda from Dykes on Bikes for awhile and I ran around to see who I could spot among the guests.  Mitch from the Pittsburgh Gay & Lesbian Film Society was there.  Gary McKillop from the GLCC was there.  Several board members from Steel City Stonewall Democrats came. Local blogger Kira was there.  Maria from 2 Political Junkies stopped by and had a chance to go on camera with Pridecast.


Another ally stopped by and chatted with the cameras.


I did make a new friend.  Gave me a good ice breaker with the family.  Plus, everyone loved the pink shirt.


ps: any excess NetRoots tote bags? We can use them to help local families at their food banks.


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