Steel City Stonewall August Mtg. Deciding on a slate

Here's another fine opportunity to be part of the decision making.

Steel City Stonewall Democrats open up their board meetings to the general memberships and the interested public.  You can learn a lot of how the “behind the scenes” stuff works and people really do listen to you (even if they disagree with your point of view).  The meeting is very open to political newbies. 
Board meeting: Tuesday, August 11, 7-9
UCP building, 4638 Centre Ave,  (Oakland area)  15213
On lots of bus lines and free parking right in front. If front lot is full pull around back of building for more parking
Room 215…second floor (Building is accessible)
They've been trying to have the meeting at a local coffeehouse, but there just doesn't seem to be a coffee house that is 1) accessible 2) has a private meeting space and 3) is open that late.  If you have any suggestions, please post in the comments section.  I, for one, enjoy a good cup of coffee when I'm engaged in vigorous conversation.
At this particular meeting, the group is going to discuss endorsements for the November election.  The membership voted on the slate for the primary (, but as some of those endorsed candidates did not make it there comes the issue of what to do for the general election. 
The Board has several choices:  endorse the ACDC slate, revisit the available slots and pick a new endorsement one by one, or just do nothing.  This is particularly interesting in the Mayoral race.  The organization's bylaws do permit endorsing a Republican or an Independent candidate.  Both Acklin and Harris are seeking the group's endorsement and my sources tell me they will both be at the meeting on August 11. 
It can be a delicate situation.  How do you endorse a Mayor who has yet to accomplish the one very small thing he promised to do – set up an Advisory Committee?  Even if he technically gets it together by August 11, it is just patently ridiculous to expect him to honor any future promises with any real follow through. 
Acklin and Harris both look good in terms of the surveys.  I've met with both and need some time to get my interview with Acklin posted so I'll withhold commentary, but will say that they deserve a second glance by the organization in terms of actual follow through. 
Then there's the issue that getting too focused on the Mayoral race will detract from the one campaign where we can do something really significant – elect Tom Michalow.  Just think how great it will be to wake up on November 4 and know that our community was instrumental in defeating one of the County Councilman who voted against the non-discrimination ordinance.  That would put Steel City Stonewall on the ACDC radar in a whole different way.
Exciting stuff, huh?  And that's just two days before NetRoots Nation rolls into town searching for progressive fodder for their 2000+ blogs. 
Hope you can make the meeting on August 11.  It is not as sexy as a public hearing or a protest, but it is damn sure as important.


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