PRIDEcast, Net Roots and Lesbians

This afternoon I was a guest on the local podcast, PRIDEcast, sponsored by OUTonline.  It was a lot of fun even though I was struggling with a cold.  I had a brief flirtation with a radio career so I was fine with the banter although anxious about the camera.  We chatted about a wide range of topics — the homophobia of Julia Child, the latest video of Shakira, LGBT v GLBT, lesbian bars, sexism, my blog, etc.  I'll post a link when its up online. 

I've never seen a Shakira video.  I made allusions to Duran Duran and talked about the symbolism of her being caged.  I'm not sure if that was he was looking for, but I had fun.  Plus, Ledcat swung by to pick me up just before the skies opened up for our daily shower.

NetRoots Nation is here which means the LGBT Blogging Initiative is in town.  Tonight was a casual Happy Hour.  Tomorrow will be the “unofficial” official welcome reception at the Andy Warhol, sponsored by the Lambda Foundation and the Initiative.  Due to the last minute scheduling of President Clinton to speak that same evening, our party has been pushed back to 9:30 PM. Come on down and be part of the big queer hello to the NetRoots Bloggers and check out the latest Warhol exhibits. 

Saturday is the National Kiss In. 

Meanwhile on the local front, no word from Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's office on the LGBT Advisory Committee he announced in December 2008. 

How embarrassing. 


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