Newsflash: I’ll be working with Pridecast

Good news this Monday morning, especially for those of you wishing OUT in Pittsburgh media had more lesbian content and coverage.  I've been invited to be a recurring guest on their biweekly podcast, PRIDEcast with Jason Lucarelli.

This will be a great chance to talk about important issues such as HB 300, the formation of the County Human Relations Commission, the March on Washington planned for October and other important social/political issues as well as some of the everycday things happening in Pittsburgh. 

While this will be separate and distinct from Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents so I'll have to save some of my opinions for the blog (ahem), it does bring at least one new lesbian perspective to the new social media realm and the OUT family.  (Jane Muder does a great job in the print version).

OUTonline is forging some new territory in this regard, including a mini-social network with a gay twist – somewhere to hang out online and get to meet other LGBTQ persons.

Check it out and tune in Sunday, September 6 for my second appearance.  We are planning on a great discussion about getting more members of the community involved in advocacy – promise it won' tbe all preachy and boring. 

More issues to cover, but this is my first day back at work after my grandmother's funeral and my bout with bronchitis so I must roll off to the office. 

I'm quite excited. 


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  • Some lesbian input to OUT is a step. It will be interesting to see if the podcasts can be a little less campy and a little more relevant to the real GLBT community. It will also be interesting to see if your detractors throw the proverbial hissy fit.

  • You raised a shitstorm over the G-20. Who the fuck cares about the computer recycling company that screwed Pittsburgh? Dumping shit in Homewood is not cool. Lying about it and acting like the Post-Gazette is a rag sounds like the ravings of a madman.
    The OUT thing is fucking good news. I'm glad Tony finally realizes that reviews of male porn don't make me pick up the paper.

  • I am really surpised they picked you. No offense, but you aren't exactly the circuit party/drag queen pageant/I am what I am type. You don't go to gay bars, you criticize rich white gay men and you use the word dyke. I don't see you as part of the OUT crowd.
    I hope you stick it out.

  • Couple of things to consider.
    1. Don't be a lesbian sidekick. Hold out for a lesbian show. They have advertisers who would support that show instead of what's currently available.
    2. Make sure they pay you. You are talented and very entertaining.
    3. Don't sell out. Be an independent voice.

  • Shows what you know. She and Ledcat got their own show after two appearances. Not every lesbian wants to listen to drunken ramblings, stereotypical comedy and who fucked who. Smart feminist wit has its place, too.
    I can't believe I'm defending OUT.

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