Update on ENDA/Episcopals

Here's the status of where Pennsylvania's House delegation stands on an Inclusive version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

UPDATED AS OF 7-23-09 6:30pm; In this column: Definite YesProbable YesTotal YesUnconfirmedProbable NoDefinite NoNotes
Robert A. Brady x     CS 2009; co-sponsor in 2007
Chaka Fattah x     CS 2009; co-sponsor in 2007
Kathleen A. Dahlkemper    x  voted yes on hate crimes bill; Sabrina Schnur: undecided as of 6-15-09
Jason Altmire    x  voted yes on hate crimes bill; voted yes on 07 ENDA
Glenn Thompson    x  voted no on hate crimes bill
Jim Gerlach    x  voted yes on hate crimes bill; voted yes on 07 ENDA
Joe Sestak x     CS 2009; co-sponsor in 2007
Patrick J. Murphy x     CS 2009; co-sponsor in 2007
Bill Shuster     x voted against in 2007
Christopher P. Carney  x    voted no on hate crimes bill; voted yes on 07 ENDA; constituent mtg requested 7-8-09; office reports leaning towards yes vote
Paul E. Kanjorski    x  voted yes on hate crimes bill; voted yes on 07 ENDA; Rachel Miller: still undecided as of 6-30-09; constituent mtg requested 7-8-09
John P. Murtha    x  abstained on hate crimes bill, but voted yes on 2007 hate crimes bill; voted yes on 07 ENDA
Allyson Y. Schwartz x     CS 2009; co-sponsor in 2007
Michael F. Doyle x     CS 2009; co-sponsor in 2007; Sue Kerr: definite yes
Charles W. Dent    x  voted yes on hate crimes bill; voted yes on 07 ENDA
Joseph R. Pitts     x voted against in 2007
Tim Holden    x  voted yes on hate crimes bill; voted yes on 07 ENDA; Lane Dempsey 6-25-09: no position (co-sponsor in 2007)
Tim Murphy     x voted against in 2007
Todd Russell Platts x     CS 2009

As you can see, Mike Doyle is in good shape as a co-sponsor of the legislation.  Tim Murphy is a probable no.  That leaves Jason Altmire and Kathleen Dahlkemper to work on here in Western Pennsylvania.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2009, HR 3017, is pending in the House of Representatives, and has the public support of 164 Members of Congress. Another 40 are likely to vote yes, but have not yet made their support of the bill public, as far as we know. This makes a total of 204 in the yes column. 218 are needed for a majority in the House. Passage is likely, but we're not yet clearly there as of today.

The answer is very simple, folks. Pick up the phone and call 202-224-3121 using your free cell phone long distance.  Give your zip or ask for your rep by name.  You'll be connected and can ask about their position (in case you don't have this spreadsheet).  Then encourage them to support it.  Tell them why freedom from discrimination in the workplace is important to your family.  You don't know that your phone call couldn't be the one that tips Altmire toward the “yes” column.  He's a good guy and has been supportive of LGBT issues and events. 

On another note, Ann Rodgers had a nice piece on the status of the post-break up Episcopal churches here in Pittsburgh.  Another fine piece of reporting on an important issue for our community.


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