There sure has been a lot of fuss about Bruno.  Many, many LGBT folks are up in arms about the tasteless portrayal of a gay man on the prowl for fame. 

Ledcat and I saw the movie on Friday night and laughed quite a bit.  Some of it was just gross, but laughing at the stereotypes that are embedded “within” the gay community was somewhat therapeutic.  I get that some kids are apt to see the movie and wield the content as more ammunication in their gay bashing, but I just can't bring myself to begrudge SBC what other movie makers strive for all the time. 

Plus, I was on the receiving end of gay bashing based on the critically acclaimed Brokeback Mountain.  It happens.  We soldier on and an occasional laugh at our own expense helps some of us.

The best part about the knicker knots are the accusations that if you laugh at the movie, you are a racist self-loathing homophobe.  There's also the repeating theme that Americans are too dumb to catch the satirical element of the film.  That's nice. 

On a positive note, we have a valid criminal complaint against the guy who gay bashed us.  He should be receiving a citation for intimidation and harassment.  If we end up in the magistrate's office, anyone want to come and take a stand against bigotry? 


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  • Saw Bruno last night, with our best straight couple friends.
    We all thought about walking out at the same time, but we all stayed and like the movie for the same reasons.
    The first ¼ of the movie was gross and I was about to walk out when something on the screen kept me in my seat a bit longer.
    I have heard there are some LGBT groups asking the community to not go see this movie.
    I can not for the life of me see why, are we not able to laugh at ourselves?
    The point I took away from the movie is how asinine homophobia is, but also how entertaining it is to make fun of.
    I think Borat was much better, I will not pay to see this movie again, but I still think SBC is a genius

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