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I think it is the rainbow flag that always gets me. Back in 2005 or 2006, the PG ran a beautiful story with a very colorful photo of the rainbow flag as a few children ran underneath it.  That symbol of families and politics and pride merged beautifully.

Be sure to check out the Post-Gazette's story on Pridefest.  It is fairly positive.  I only have a few quibbles, because they continue to have their history wrong.  I think Pride began downtown, then moved out to Mellon Park and into Shadyside. Ledcat was on the committee and shares that they had a week of activities. I know for a fact that in 2005 when the GLCC sponsored the event, there was an entire month of events which began with the GLSEN Prom and ran through July 1 when a group of queer bicycling grannies came to town.  So this “expansion” myth is a bit disengenuous and makes Pittsburgh seem a bit further behind the curve than we really have been over the past 30 odd years. 

It would be great for someone to curate a history of Pittsburgh Pride so we could all understand and enjoy the wonderful accomplishments over the years, including the recent expansion.  This wonderful groundswell that has built over 20 years would be something critical to document. 

There is a ton going on this year so scoot over to for all the details. 

The article ends with an important point.

The main goal of the event, Ms. Buncie said, is to “celebrate all that we are.”

“Most of us define ourselves as 'a part of me is gay, not all of me is gay,' ” she said. “It's not just one label that defines you. We all wear many, many hats.

This sort of fits with my lesbian agenda thread on Facebook this weekend.  🙂  Now I'm going off to the earn a living part of me.

Kudos to the Pride committee for having an article published.



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  • The article is fine, but superficial. How could they not mention the big equal rights going on right in our backyard? Worrying about what happened 25 years ago is hardly the issue. The things going on right now should be the story.
    What is the difference between an “official” Pride event and the tons of other things going on?

  • I think the term “official” means it is sponsored by or in cooperation with the Delta Foundation, which is a member of the international Interpride organization ( Interpride is an umbrella organization that is “dedicated to LGBT Pride parades and other events.” Among other things, the group establishes the “official” international pride slogan for the year (this year's: YOUR RIGHTS, OUR RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS).
    Obviously anyone can have a “Pride” event. The “official” nature of the Delta events is like a school that is “accredited” by a membership organization or a business that belongs to a business association (say, the American Association of Whatevers…).

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