HB 300: Attention Brentwood/Mt. Oliver/Southside LGBT residents

Steel City Stonewall cordially invites the residents of PA House District 36 to participate in a face to face meeting with State Representative Harry Readshaw.  Rep Readshaw is at the top of the list of targeted legislators whose vote is needed for HB 300. 

I know you are busy.  You work FT.  Your children have tap/swim/soccer commitments.  You need to conserve your PTO for children's sicknesses.  I know.

But you are the only one who can tell the story of your life to Representative Readshaw. You can make the everyday experiences of LGBTQ people living in his community real to him. You can remind him that the people he has been elected to serve need his vote on this legislation to ensure his neighborhoods are fair and tolerant. 

I know there are dozens of you out there.  I know there even more dozens of family and friends of LGBTQ persons.  Imagine if even half of you made contact with this coming week.  Just imagine what all those phone calls can do for this legislation and the rights of our community.

As Mr. Gentile said many a time in Geometry class, simply staggering.  Only he was being mean and sarcastic.  I'm being sincere and somewhat in awe of what could happen if you sent a link to this post on to whomever you know in this district. 

Don't worry.  Someone can go with you.  You can email the Women's Law Project for someone to handle all the technical/political language.  That would be sfrietsche@womenslawproject.org.  Email Sue and ask her to lend you a hand.  You just need to tell your story. 


Here is the map of Readshaw's district.  http://www.pahouse.com/readshaw/district.asp#MAP

Here are the main zipcodes in his district along with his phone number if you feel compelled to make an appointment or simply make a phone call. 

Readshaw   (key target)    district 36 (412) 881-4208




Pgh (Carson)


Pgh (Hazelwood)


Pgh (Mt. Oliver)


Pgh (Brentwood)


Pgh (Castle Shannon)        


Pgh (Caste Village)




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