A few personal reflections on the Allegheny County Ordinance

I have spent the last 24 hours trying to mobilize folks to call County elected officials on Monday in the hopes that the Human Relations ordinance can be salvaged.  I've been texting, tweeting and talking non-stop for most of the day (ask Ledcat).  I feel like Scott Hanley during a WDUQ pledge drive.  I even memorized the County telephone number.  That's kind of sad considering I can barely remember my own work number.

I have been sort of glad not to stop and think about where I might come down if the ordinance comes to a vote as currently worded.  It is not too late to impact the process and I sincerely hope you will make a call.

The advocates I've been speaking with are being very careful.  Some want any version to pass, others do not want this verion period regardless of the potential to challenge the unconstitutional portions in court. 

I confess that I'm struggling to buy the “something is better than nothing” argument.  The potential for long term damage is pretty daunting. The idea that Mr. Onorato could ride this sort of victory into the “I'm a gay ally” sunset in his quest for Governor is disappointing.  The impact on communities of faith that have been allies for decades is dismaying.

I hope that Dan Onorato can save the day.  Gulp. 



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  • I think starting over is the best bet. It isn't fair for Allegheny County to put the entire state at risk for a little bit of progress. If the ordinance is not changed, I am going to call my Councilman and say don't vote for it.

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