What I’ve noticed about the Mayor …

I'm sure the political bloggers are going to have a great play by play on the resurrection of the billboard controversy

I keep wondering why Dowd speaks for himself and Ravenstahl hides behind Paul McKrell's articulate self?  Well, ok, I answered my own question.  I like Paul, but I wonder what magic potion he swallows to actually say this with a straight face.

Mr. McKrell called the councilman's challenge “one of the most negative campaigns ever waged by a candidate for an office in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh deserves better than desperate mud-slingers.”

Yes, we do.  We also deserve better than pay for play chicanery and a tween Mayor dressed up in big boy's clothing. 


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  • I'm sorry, but since you mention it:
    “Pittsburgh deserves better than to be slowly bled for profit at a rate calculated to barely keep us alive, in a vegetative state in which we cannot make basic infrastructure improvements and move forward. This city deserves to have its leaders fight back against any and all loathsome parasites.” … Comet, three days ago.
    I'll take some good old-fashioned political mudslinging every time if it results in professional, competent, sincere government. I won't take bone-empty happy-talk that stands for weakness, directionlessness and corruption. I wonder that others do.
    If they actually knew where that “Pittsburgh deserves better” line came from, they'd freak out.

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