Western Pennsylvania Humane Society fundraiser gone wrong

The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society conducted an “e” cyling event to recycle electronic goods.  They partnered with a company called EarthEcycle. 

I was perplexed as to how ecycling could be a fundraiser given that most companies charge consumers to dispose of electronic goods. I asked a few question and was promptly attacked by staff, volunteers and the EarthEcycle owner for essentially hating dogs and those who want to help them. Oh and I was “possibly” engaged in corporate espionage.  All because I wanted to make sure my television wasn't being dumped in a remote Thai village. 

It was an ugly, ugly exchange. 

Tonight WDUQ and WTAE ran stories about allegations that the company is shipping a portion of the materials overseas.  The Humane Society is backtracking.  $150,000 funds raised might do that.

I wonder if any of those proceeds will be used to help the animals whose welfare is irreparably damaged by the ewaste dumping?


Stay tuned for a Post-Gazette investigation.


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  • EarthEcycle takes full responsibility if any wrongdoing is found. The facts are not in, no dumping was ever done. All charities are being paid according to thier contract and by law. EarthEcycle is very concious about any harm done if any and is in complete compliance will all authorities and also concerned with moral implications. Read all data carefuly, you will see keywords the make us appear to be a negative sensational story.
    Most car dealers acknowledge the value of your car, would you pay to have your car recycled? It is common sense. There is a value to you out of service computers and electronics. No one was attacked. We attack the policy of those who rape consumers and steal their electronics while making them pay for recycling valuable materials. Do the research, only a very small percentage of ewaste costs money to process. When we collect 1,000 systems from a school we are collectng $75,000 essentially. This pays more than pays for the items that do need to be processed.
    We at EarthEcycle are in agreement with Esteward policy with exception to the value of ewaste.
    How could everyone else in the world market want to purchase these items, pay for shipping and show huge profit? Why does the American public not see that the Gold, Silver, metal, plastics, and whole working items have value right here inthe U.S.? I have found recyclers here in the U.S. that are responsible and admitt the value in these items.
    Don't be fooled by people wo have an adgenda because they may have a personal gain or interest by making a national company look bad.

  • Mr. Nixon,
    I have email messages that dispute your account. I will make them public if necessary. Your previous threats to involve me in a lawsuit require me to consult with my attorney before posting any further comment on your company.
    I will say that the WPA Humane Society response to my inquires was inappropriate at best. Implying that people who ask questions are anti-animal welfare is a sad state of affairs. Their actions around our inquiries took this matter from a simple email exchange to attack mode.
    Anyone who wants to read the email message, please contact me privately.

  • Again, the big picture is cleaning up these waste sites. We are open to all positive solutions to the entire process, even is we are found in error. It is the big picture we are concerned about.

  • Sue, I'm impressed with your tenacity and disappointed in the response you received from the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. Personally I've had the best experiences with Animal Friends, but I like to think that all of our local shelters are on the side of good. If possible, I'd like to read those emails as well.

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