Veggie Update Again

Well, I've gone six days without meat and it hasn't been too bad.  It was easy enough to substitute shrimp when dining out and one of our meals was at The Quiet Storm which has delicious veggie options.  I had a falafel with chick peas as the protein.  Otherwise, I had a veggie omelet, cheese pizza, shrimp tikka masala, etc. 

I've been trying to replace meat with lots of veggies instead of more carbs.  Tonight I made Ledcat shish kabob with chicken and veggies.  I threw some extra mushrooms on mine and basically had a big serving of grilled veggies plus applesauce and a pear for dessert.  I also bought some tofu to try and marinate for grilling later in the week. 

I am fortunate that Ledcat is willing to try vegetarian fare.  We are making tacos tomorrow night with fake meat crumbles.  She agrees that once you add on the seasoning and the fixins, it is all about texture not taste.  I also ponied up to buy the socially responsible salmon — we have a little guide from the Aviary of all places that lists all the good, so-so, bad fish to buy. It usually takes me about 15 minutes to compare all the options to my guide which seems to annoy the fish people.

Finally, I stocked up on some frozen vegetarian options to keep me from succumbing on those nights when there isn't anything else in the house. 

At this point, the biggest issue for me is convenience.  Finding meals that suit both our choices takes a bit of effort.  Work will also be an issue — we have a daily luncheon in our dining room and I like to go up a few times each week to socialize.  The food is heavy on the meat and potatos while veggies are pretty dull.  So I've got my egg salad, pb&j and yogurt ready to roll.  I'll just have to incorporate socialization without succumbing to the very appealing comfort foods. 

I'm sure once the newness wears off, it will be more difficult. I really like meat.  It tastes good.  Finding other tastes is a good experience, but we'll have to see.


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