Veggie Chronicles: Day 1

So, yesterday was my first meat free day leading up to the CHS Vegetarian Dinner on Tuesday, June 16, 2009. 

Since it was Saturday, it was pretty easy.  I often stop for a bite at Hoi Polloi which is a vegetarian restaurant so there wasn't much temptation.  We also went to Azul last night which has awesome meat free choices. We were celebrating Ledcat's birthday.

I wound up Friday with a meat frenzy bang, but it was unintentional.  Our cafe had turkey for lunch and I had a hotdog at the baseball game that night.  That was a lot of meat for me in one day (plus a few wings at the pre-game function). 

Yesterday, I essentially consumed cereal, black bean soup, a grilled cheese and a shrimp burrito for dinner.  A little light on the actual veggies, but no meat (yes, I'm continuing to eat seafood). 

I also bought a big bag of chicken for the freezer.  Sigh.  Does that use up my blackbean points?



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