Tales from a lesbian friday night

How utterly relaxing was today.  Breakfast at the Square Cafe — we haven't been there since Thanksgiving!  Wow.  The decor has changed a bit, but the food remains awesome as does the service.  I'm happy to report that I resisted bacon, even when Ledcat ordered it.  I gritted my teeth and ate fruit plus the veggiest omelet in the world.  Did I mention that the Square has some of the best coffee in Pittsburgh?  Mmmm.

Then we decided to do one of those things we always discuss and never actually do.  A visit to Allegheny Cemetary made the cut so off we went.  We took a quick tour of the main building which is quite impressive and then took a long stroll through the hills and hollers exploring the headstones.  The mausoleums are quite breathtaking.  The oldest headstones we found dated back to 1780 something.  One mausoleum for the Winter family is Egyptian themed! 

We stayed long enough for me to get some sunburn, then headed back to the Northside for my first trip ever to Rita's Italian Ice.  We browsed the Farmer's Market, then stopped at home to tend to the woofers.  Dinner took us out to Taj Mahal on McKnight Road — the food is great, but the service is usually lackluster.  The servers themselves hustle, hustle, hustle while the owner sits behind the counter and surveys.  But there simply aren't enough folks on the floor and you can wait as long as 15 minutes for someone to service you. 

We rounded off the evening with some shopping.  I got a giant Rubbermaid container, plus throw rugs.  I mean if that doesn't make for an exciting Friday night, I don't know what does!

From the LGBTQ world comes news that the Prop 8 decision should be handed down on Tuesday.  Stay tuned. 




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