Patrick Reilly, Theresa Smith and Luke Ravenstahl are liars and think you are fools

This is just beyond pathetic and demeaning. I was ambivalent about Reilly because he had been somewhat helpful, if not effective in some constituent matters.  Now I'm appalled and question my elected officials decision to hire someone capable of this type of deceit.  I hope if he loses, he gets booted from the job working for my district because I sure ain't willing to work with someone who thinks I'm a moron.

Reilly, Theresa Smith and Luke Ravenstahl all produced campaign literature implying endorsements from the Post-Gazette.  None received this endorsement.  Reilly even implied an endorsement from Ravenstahl when the Mayor is supporting Reilly's opponent.

Is that what your looking for in a City Councilperson?  Someone who thinks you are both stupid and unconcerned with the truth?



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  • read the flier correctly. He did not imply that he was endorsed by the mayor or the post gazette. Patrick stated the facts. He and the mayor are the democratically endorsed candidates and he used a direct quote from the post gazette.

  • You are right. This is Patrick's approach to reality — twist the facts to suit his needs. Manipulate the data. Issue retractions rather than act honorably in the first place. That is exactly the sort of leadership that gets things done under the Ravenstahl administration.
    I wonder if “Yes, Mr. Wagner” is more difficult to spell than “flyer.”

  • Stop being so hard on the new kids. The Mayor set the bar low.
    Stop being so hard on the new kids. The Mayor set the bar low.
    Stop being so hard on the new kids. The Mayor set the bar low.

  • I really am impressed by your organization and web-site!
    I am an advocate for the rights of lesbians and I am concerned about someone running for office who is not honest. Georgia Blotzer is running for District 2 City COuncil and she said in her questionare that she would put Steel City Stone Wall Democratic endorsement on her literature if she was endorsed by them. However,
    she has not, so she is denying the democratic organization that represents lesbians in the political field.
    She is heavily saturating the churches for votes so I am wondering if she is denying the name of this important
    endorsement to play Jerry Fallwell?

  • Way to rip Reilly a new one, Post-Gazette. It is sad that they care enough to fake your endorsement, but not enough to take one across the cheeks when you call them on it. Reilly wins. Chalk up another one for the easy to control white kids.

  • Hi realwoman.
    Several issues: Stonewall elected not to “endorse” Georgia, but to “recommended” her — so I'm not sure, strictly speaking, if the pledge to notate that on campaign literature still holds.
    HOWEVER — I've contacted her and she DEEPLY regrets the oversight. She actually hasn't been putting ANY of her endorsements on her lit, save for a full reprinting in one case of the Post-Gazette's endorsement. So it's not like she was singling out Stonewall out and “denying” their support.
    She just contacted her webmaster so it should at least appear on the web page soon.
    Also, I'm not sure about the characterization “heavily saturating the churches” — I think this Sunday was the first Sunday we decided to leaflet several church parking lots. Hey, that's where people go on Sundays.
    Civil rights and non-discrimination was one of the first things Georgia talked about when I first interviewed her for my blog. I know she feels bad about neglecting to mention Stonewall's acknowledgment like she indicated she would. She does mention it at community forums and debates, I've been there to hear it.
    Thanks for keeping us accountable, though.

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