NPR: Being Gay Is the Worst Thing EVER

Gosh, my whole angst about not donating to public radio here in Pittsburgh because the Catholic Church controls the flagship station has been resolved.  I was torn between my pro-choice support for Planned Parenthood side and my want to pay my share, NPR loving side.  I briefly toyed with donating to the national NPR syndicate even though it took over two weeks for someone to respond to my email inquiry. 

All that is just washed away today.  Thanks, NPR!

Pam has a great writeup of this story, but I'll try to hit the highlights.

NPR's Nathan Lee reviewed Outrage.  His reviewed was edited to remove the names of Charlie Crist and Larry Craig.  Lee removed his byline.  NPR removed his explanatory comment from their website.

NPR claims that they are protecting the privacy of public figures.

NPR had no such qualms reporting on the heterosexual affairs (and possible child siring) of John Edwards.  They even held a roundtable.

NPR once again imposing their moral qualms on you the listener.  I guess they are dutifully absorbing the lessons of moral excellence modeled by the Catholic Church.

I invite all of you Planned Parenthood lovin', homosexual lovin' readers to dash off an email to the Pittsburgh Filmmakers asking them to bring Outrage to Pittsburgh.



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