Letter to the editor: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Robert Perloff of Shadyside believes in Barack Obama as the “Do Ask, Do Tell” President:

President Barack Obama differs with the “don't ask, don't tell” homosexual policy of earlier presidencies. He seeks to remove homosexuality as a forbidden species and to respect and pay tribute to gays and lesbians who wish to serve in the nation's armed forces without denying or concealing their same-sex preference.

He proposes a “live-and-let-live” inclination toward homosexuality, accepting gays and lesbians as first-class citizens entitled to lead their private lives in ways that suit their beliefs and needs. The president is right to remove the stigma of homosexuality from gays and lesbians who, patriotically and courageously, don a military uniform on behalf of us all.

It is lovely sentiment this Monday morning.  It is also incorrect.

Obama is backsliding on rescinding DADT.  Recent comments by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs have slid from “repealing the policy” language to “change the policy” which does not bode well.  The President is also on the record switching from being pro-marriage equality, to the Jesus rhetoric and now hiding behind states' rights even as a tremendous case for “separate but equal” status is gaining momentum. 

Sadly, the President is not living up to Perloff's estimation. This may be a political reality, but it isn't fun being the football (anymore so than being a lifestyle).



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