Indigo Girls Update: Win a pair of FREE tickets to the show and meet and greet!

Only 20 tickets left!

The Lambda Foundation appreciates the community’s interest in the meet and greet with the Indigo Girls. To clarify, Lambda has agreed to purchase 75 tickets @ $42 and they will receive the $35 meet and greet for the Foundation.  The monies raised will be used to continue the good work Lambda has supported in our community for the past 25 years.  Unfortunately, they cannot sell meet and greet tickets separately from the show itself or they will end up losing money on the event. 

The timing is unfortunate for those who purchased tickets before the meet and greet was organized, but please understand that this was out of control of the Lambda Foundation.  They very much appreciate the Indigo Girls’ support and regret that some fans may be unable to attend.  You might consider trying to sell your tickets or perhaps making a “Pride” gift to a friend or family member.  You could also consider donating your extra tickets to a local LGBT organization and realize the tax write off.  

Please note that you can buy the package, use your original tickets and sell/give away/donate the Lambda tickets.   

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents has partnered with the Lambda Foundation and we will hold a drawing for a set of two tickets to the concert and the meet and greet.  To enter, please email your full name and contact information to sue (at) sitnscoop dot com.  We will use a random drawing to select the winner on June 14, 2009 (PrideFest).   

 Good luck!


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