In case you didn’t see it …

The Post-Gazette editors remind you that recycling the “marriage amendment” is getting tiresome.

Conservative lawmakers in the General Assembly are always trying to save the institution of marriage from an imagined horror. This year is no different. Although marriage suffers its greatest damage when heterosexuals divorce, the threat is always identified as gays wanting to marry.

Further, the remedial action sought is always a reaction to no discernible state problem. Pennsylvania has had the Defense of Marriage Act since 1996 and that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. To be sure, courts in other states have found a constitutional right for gays to marry, but that seems unlikely in this socially conservative commonwealth.

Ya got the social conservative part right.  Other states are surging ahead in creating equal societies and eliminating second-class citizenship, but Pennsylvania has looped back around to scapegoat our community for society's ills. 

It isn't like the loss of a job or wiped out savings might put some stress on a marriage, is it?  Sigh.

Remember our recommendations to stand up to the ongoing “separate but equal” mentality: join Steel City Stonewall Democrats and/or make a donation to the Women's Law Project. 

ps:  There's also a letter from Bill Huber of Moon mocking Carrie Prejean.  It is a little bit funny, but could have been more witty about Prejean (one of my Facebook friends) using Jesus wanting his religion back. 

This will also allow Carrie to continue her fight against Satan and all his followers. Watch out for Carrie and The Donald! They've got Jesus on their side … and they're coming to a church near you!




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