How do Jon and Kate + 8 fit into the equal marriage debate?

Justin Kidd of Squirrel Hill has definitely put a very modern twist on the marriage equality debate.  Kidd references the tabloid sensation of the allegedly disintegrating marriage of the TLC reality family, Jon and Kate.

Another front-page story, explains how the train-wreck docudrama episode featuring pseudo-reality stars' failing marriage gained the TLC show its highest ratings to date. Marital infidelity problems, like those alleged to have plagued the pseudo stars' marriage, are a bigger threat to traditional family values than allowing gay people to marry.

Now Mr. Kidd simply thinks that preserving marriage should mean helping couples like Jon and Kate rather than banning gay marriage.  Interesting premis. 

The problem is helping people make the leap from the reality series trainwreck to their own lives.  Half of the nation loves the show and how All-American cute they are.  The other half is appalled at the exploitation of the children (hello, seen a preschool beauty pageant lately?).  Either way, I suspect people would not assign the possible disintigration of the marriage to anything typical because of their fame.  I'm also not sure the whole marriage issue isn't part of the storyline. 

Thanks for writing, Justin. 


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