CLCA: In the beginning …

We made it just before the skies opened up!  I was hurried along to my table by the very organized PR crew and am now settling in to absorb.  Ledcat went in pursuit of refreshments to fortify us, but she's already been waylaid by multiple persons so it might be awhile until I get some of the good stuff.  Ah well … my blogging station is next to the bar.  I took a picture of the official CLCA blogging table. 


I'm next to the photo station where giant frames are positioned so people can be the art.  I would love a purple frame in my home.  I'd also love some of the yummy snacks, but Ledcat was waylaid … again. 

So here's the scoop:

Persad's goal is to raise $200,000 for the Free Care Fund.  The evening's theme is “Picture Yourself” … everyone should be in the picture with no one excluded!  The guest auctioneer is Lynn Cullen (yeah!) and there is plenty to see throughout the evening. 

Event co-chairs are Cristina Battaglia and Joe Seletyn. 

PrideFest Chair Jeff Freedman and his partner, Norm just stopped by to say hello.  Ah, here comes Ledcat with dinner!



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